Para Support in Remote Learning

Is your student getting an appropriate level of support from their paraeducator (also known as “paras” or “aides”) in the remote learning format? Many students are not. The Albany Disability Squad’s steering committee would like to create a work group to focus on ways the school district should be using paras in remote learning. The goal of the work group is to compile a list to share with the school district. Please click here to view the beginnings of the list.

We hope that you will consider joining this work group. It will meet approximately once a week for a limited time and dissolve when improvements have been made by the district.

We’re hoping to include voices from parents of students aged 3 to 22, because the para support techniques that work for one age group might not work for others.

If you’re interested, please send an email to If you can’t join the work group but have opinions about how paras could be supporting your student, please share them in a message to the Squad’s discussion list. You can send email directly to

Thank you!

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