The Albany Disability Squad has several work groups to work on our current areas of focus. We would love it if you would join us! Please contact us at if you are interested in working with us.

Current Areas of Focus

  • Distance Learning. Ensuring that the district creates individualized contingency learning plans for recipients of 504s and IEPs, adapted to this context by the first day of school, and that they are positioned to deliver the services in the plans. 
  • Director of Special Education. Advocating for and interviewing to hire a strong candidate for this new position.
  • Paraeducators. Continuing to advocate for restoration of remaining positions eliminated at the May 26 Board meeting.
  • Deployment of Paraeducators. Pressing the district for a robust plan on how to effectively deploy paraeducators during distance learning as well as hybrid distance/in-person.
  • Racial Justice.  Working with other organizations in Albany to ensure that students of all races receive an equitable education. 
  • Supporting Families. Providing a monthly support group for families of students with disabilities.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Remote Learning.  Provided Executive Director Ritchie with our recommendations on delivering services to students with disabilities in remote learning scenarios.
  • Special Education Layoffs. Organized letter-writing campaigns to AUSD Board of Education. Persuaded the Board to rescind many (though not yet all) layoffs to Special Education staff. 
  • Quarterly Board Reports. Obtained a commitment from Executive Director Ritchie to provide quarterly reports on Special Education at Board meetings.
  • Director of Special Education. Helped to convince the Superintendent to recommend bringing back a separate Director of Special Education position, rather than the Special Education Coordinator position initially proposed. 
  • Parental Representation on Director Hiring Committee. Claimed one or more seats at the table for the hiring committee tasked with selecting the new Director of Special Education.
  • Regular Meetings with District Administration. Established a direct line of communication between the Squad and AUSD administration. 
  • Communication with the Board of Education. Met with members of the AUSD Board to advocate for restoring positions cut on May 26.

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