Do you ever wish you could talk to about other parents about raising your child with disabilities?

Although parenting a child with disabilities of any kind can feel isolating, you are not alone! The Albany Disability Squad offers a Family Support Group on the second Wednesday of each month. This confidential peer-to-peer group gives families a way to connect with each other through their shared experiences with students with disabilities, share information, and create a community for both families and students who can feel left out. Please see our calendar for upcoming dates.

Could you use support from other parents who have experience with the IEP/504 process?
Or do you have a lot of experience with IEPs/504s and want to help other parents navigate this complicated process?

The Squad is also exploring ways for families to serve as a resource for each other in navigating the complicated Special Education system, including supporting each other (though not providing any legal advice) at IEP meetings. If you would like to talk to parent with years of experience with IEPs or 504s or are interested in serving as a Resource Parent, please contact us by email to

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