Work Groups

There is a lot that the Albany Disability Squad wants to accomplish! To get this work done, we have formed several work groups. If you are interested in getting more involved, please contact us at

  • Community Building Work Group: Offers monthly family support group and social opportunities. May organize parent volunteers to support others in IEP process.
  • Communications Work Group: Communicates with Disability Squad membership, AUSD administration and Board of Education, families of students with disabilities in AUSD. Reaches out actively to groups with whom we have common cause.
  • Political Action Work Group: Develops a policy platform for the Albany Disability Squad. Develops strategic relationships with other interest groups in Albany (Board of Education, AUSD administration, local officials, labor unions representing AUSD staff)
  • Racial Justice Work Group: Works to address the educational needs of students of color with disabilities in AUSD through research and reporting to the group at large. Advocates for AUSD to provide data on the intersection on race and disability, including referrals for services, discipline, etc.
  • SELPA Advocacy Work Group: Maintains a sustained presence at the SELPA Community Advisory Committee; advocate for transparency and parent-input into SELPA decision-making; advocate for SELPA to provide guidance to member districts to follow best practices;  develop and advocate for parent education workshops to be offered by the SELPA and how to get more  staff involvement
  • Special Education Vision/Best Practices Work Group: Researches best practices for improvement of Special Education at AUSD, drawing on survey results, SPED literature, and case studies from other communities. Facilitate discussions within the Albany Disability Squad to develop a unified vision for systemic reform.
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